• Photoreactors for industrial production
  • Pilot reactors for the validation of the determined parameters
  • Process development systems for the determination of required parameters
  • Standard photoreactors for basic research in the laboratory

Construction, commissioning, qualification and documentation according to pharmaceutical standard with extensive experience


  • Photochemical process consulting
  • Risk assessment / HAZOP support
  • system sizing
  • Dimensioning the required lamp power
  • Development of high-performance photoreactors
  • Optical measurements

Leading through innovation

Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH supplies efficient photoreactors for large-scale production as market leader in applied photochemistry for over 38 years worldwide. Scientifically substantiated consultancy services as well as automated process development systems enable a successful up-scaling within short time. For basic experiments a variety of application-optimized standard photoreactors as well as special light sources are offered as a modular toolkit system.

The research and development project:

„Development of new LED-Light Sources for use in Plants for efficient Iddriation Systems to reduce the CO2 footprint”

is funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.