PX9 Parallel Screening Photoreactor

Nine irradiation tests in parallel with very small sample quantities – thermally decoupled LEDs by means of thermoliquid and a separate temperature circuit.

When carrying out photochemical reactions, it is of fundamental importance to analyze which wavelength is absorbed by the reaction mixture. Furthermore, it is important to understand the influence of temperature on the process. Some reactions involve a multiphase reaction mixture, such as photocatalysis, which requires uniform mixing.

All basic investigations have one thing in common – the amount of available starting material during screening is limited for reasons of product availability or material cost. Thus, a small volume of product is of great advantage.

Our wavelength screening device is the only product available on the market that is able to solve all tasks in an excellent way.

The PX 9 Parallel Screening Photoreactor is the ideal product for the standard implementation of basic photochemical investigations for research and development in industry and science.


Peschl Parallel Photoreactor PX9

Description of the PX 9 Parallel Screening Photoreactor

Parallel Photoreactor vials

9 vials for 0.5 – 8 ml volume

It consists of nine vials for volumes from 0.5 up to 8 ml each, which are irradiated with nine different wavelengths at the same time. The intensity of each wavelength can be adjusted to each other, so that even with different efficiencies of the respective LED wavelength the irradiation intensity can be equated (constant photon flux mode).

Mixing is performed by oscillating motion – the PX 9 Parallel Screening Photoreactor is mounted on an oscillating shaking table, which eliminates the requirement of a stirring bar and prevents undesired shear forces on heterogeneous photocatalyst particles while ensuring a stable suspension.

Intergchangeable LED Cassettes

Customized LED-cassette

The LEDs are located in a cassette, which is thermally decoupled. This thermal decoupling of the LEDs is ensured by the use of the triscoUV liquid system.

Once the optimal wavelength for a defined process has been determined, the multi-LED cassette can be exchanged for a cassette with nine identical LEDs so that further investigations such as concentration determination can be carried out.

Touch Screen for PX9 Photoreactor

Easy to use touch panel

Each LED can be individually controlled and dimmed by means of a touch panel. Furthermore, the control of all LEDs at the same time is possible.

This touch panel is the easiest way to control and monitor your research work.

The PX 9 Parallel Screening Photoreactor is the standard tool for the implementation of basic photochemical investigations for research and developement in industry and science.

Notice the unique advantages

  • Up to 9 vials in parallel (fill volume: 0.5 – 8 mL)
  • Different wavelengths available from 365 to 625 nm
  • Interchangeable irradiation cassettes (multi & single-colour cassettes)
  • Complete temperature control (-20 up to 80°C) via heat transfer fluid system
  • Unique stirrerless mixing technology
  • Designed to handle demanding reactions (e.g. slurries)
  • Seamless translation to HANU™ Flow Reactors



Wavelength screening device

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