Modular Photochemical Development System

MPDS which stands for „Modular Photochemical Development System“ describes the modular system as standard for photochemical experiments in the lab. This worldwide proven modular system for process development can be equipped with a wide variety of light sources (medium pressure, LED 100 Watt, LED 200 Watt, Xenon, low pressure, …) and different cladding tubes for thermal decoupling, and optical filters can also be added.

Build the MPDS® that fits to your requirements.


The MPDSBASIC product range covers application-oriented photo-reactors and radiation sources for photochemical reactions that have been specially developed for basic trials and feasibility studies on a laboratory scale.

Modular Photochemical Development System Basic


The MPDSEVO is an automated process development system for qualified investigation of photochemical reactions with the aim of up-scaling new processes or optimizing existing reactions and photo-reactors.

Modular Photochemical Development System EVO