Typical processes in photochemistry

Process Typical Photoreaktor
Active pharmaceutical intermediates (API), e.g. synthesis of Artemisinin (antimalarial drug), singlet oxygen reaction Side-Loop Photoreactors
API and intermediate synthesis (e.g. Iribotecan by Cis-Trans Isomerization and Artemisinin by Singlet Oxygen Reaction) Plug-Flow Photoreactors
API carriers and particle modifications (processes in heterogeneous (solid/liquid) media) Agitated Photoreactors
API synthesis Falling-Film Photoreactors
Aqueous dispersion of polymers that can be solidified into rubber (Latex) Falling-Film Photoreactors
Bleaching Falling-Film Photoreactors
Brominated intermediates for synthesis (e.g. substituted benzylbromides) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Chlorinated intermediates for synthesis (e.g. benzylchloride, benzalchloride, methylchloride) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Chlorinated solvents (e.g. dichloromethane, chloroform, tetrachloromethane) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Fluorinations, Sulfoxidations, Nitrosylations Side-Loop Photoreactors
Fragerances (e.g. Rose Oxyde via Singlet Oxygen Reaction) Plug-Flow Photoreactors
Fragrances (e.g. singlet oxygen reaction: Rose oxide) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Intermediates for diagnostics (e.g. by photo- bromination or photo-iodination) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Lubricants (e.g. Fomblin) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Material modifications (processes in heterogeneous – liquid/liquid and solid/liquid – media (e.g. chlorinated rubbers, chlorinated PVC (C-PVC)) Agitated Photoreactors
Mercaptan synthesis (e.g. Cyclohexylthiol via H2S addition) Plug-Flow Photoreactors
Monomer modification Falling-Film Photoreactors
Nitrosylations Agitated Photoreactors
Photocatalyzed and photo-redox processes (processes in heterogeneous – solid/liquid – media) Agitated Photoreactors
Photohalogenations Agitated Photoreactors
Photooxidations implying radical intermediates (e.g. AOP) Falling-Film Photoreactors
Photopolymerizations (radical and cationic) in heterogeneous – liquid/liquid and solid/liquid – media) (e.g. Caprolactam as pre-cursor of Nylon 6, Lauryllactam as pre-cursor of Nylon 12, Polyacrylates, Polystyrenes and co-polymers, mini-emulsions with monomer functionalization) Agitated Photoreactors
Plant treatment intermediates (e.g. pinacols by photo-hydrodimerisation) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Polymer and co-polymer specialities (photopolymerization in homogeneous (liquid), heterogeneous (liquid/liquid and liquid/gas (aerosols) media) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Polymer functionalization (e.g. synthesis of API carriers, photo-halogenations, photooxidations in solid/liquid or sold/gas microheterogeneous media) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Preparative photochemistry in general implying strongly absorbing substrates and/or radical imtermediates Falling-Film Photoreactors
Recovery of precious metals Falling-Film Photoreactors
Safety agents (e.g. odour additives for gases) Side-Loop Photoreactors
Sulfoxidations and sulfochlorinations (e.g. Sulphochlorinate polyethylene) Agitated Photoreactors
Vitamin D production (prone of filming if high radiant power densities are applied) Falling-Film Photoreactors
Vitamins (e.g. pre-Vitamin D2 or D3 and derivatives by electrocyclic reaction or Vitamin A by cis-trans isomerization) Side-Loop Photoreactors

Of course, this table is not comprehensive.
There are many non-documented custom applications.

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