Photoreactors for feasibility studies

Application based, unique photoreactors as toolkit for different photochemical reactions

How you can take advantage of photochemistry in research and development using a sophisticated system

MPDS®, which stands for 'Modular Photochemical Development System', describes the modular system as standard for photochemical trials in the lab. The MPDS®BASIC product range covers application-oriented photoreactors and radiation sources for photochemical reactions, that have been specially developed for basic trials and feasibility studies on a laboratory scale.

From batch to semi-batch through to Conti Flow photoreactors, we supply the entire range as standard. This includes falling film-, tubular-, side-loop- and micro- photoreactors. Depending on the application, you can choose from photoreactors with a volume of 2 ml to 5.000 ml.

Modular Photochemical Development System Basic

Build the MPDS® that fits to your requirements




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