Oscillating flow photoreactor

Scalable Pulse-flow photoreactor for feasibility studies and screening

The Oscillating Flow-Photoreactor series is built on a proprietary technology. This patented technology for continuous operation stands out from all known designs and functions by its unique technology and allows to implement flow-photochemistry from the early discovery phase (ml scale) and seamlessly scale it throughout the process development stage up to commercial production of several metric tons per annum. The reactor design of the pulse flow photoreactor for feasibility studies and screening allows a single-technology scale-up strategy, and the low pressure drop makes high-throughput operations feasible. With this technology, production scale flow-photochemistry is now commercially available.

Flow photoreactor

This oscillating flow photoreactor is part of our MPDS®BASIC system designed for feasibility studies and photochemical screening.

Our oscillating flow photoreactor is a laboratory scale photoreactor with a volume of 5 ml, which has a reactor base with integrated heat exchanger. This enables the operation of (photo)chemical processes under isothermal conditions.

Built into the reactor base is the modular process inlay system, giving you the ultimate flexibility to customize the reactor to your chemistry. Interchangeable ports and inlays are available in a variety of different materials and patterns for static mixing elements.

The process channel is covered by a large transparent window that allows for efficient irradiation or visual inspection and PAT methods. The assembly consists of a fully functional reactor unit equipped with inlet ports and a process insert. The integrated light module novaLIGHT HLED 25 with an output of 25 watts is dimmable and available with different wavelengths that can be easily exchanged.

Technology Advantages

  • Linear scale-up from ml-scale to commercial production
  • Adjustable residence time with high mass transfer
    independent of residence time
  • Turbulent flow regime via superimposed pulsation
  • Able to process slurries and highly viscous products
  • Broad operating temperature range (-20°C … +80°C)
  • Broad operating pressure range (FV … +25 bar g)
  • CIP, cGMP and PED compliance, PAT analysis available
  • Dimmable and exchangeable light sources with different
    wavelength from 365 nm up to 625 nm
Oscillating flow photoreactor

Irradiation Sources

  • Interchangeable LEDs
  • Wavelength: 365 – 625 nm
  • Tuneable light intensity
  • ATEX certification ready
Costa Technology Grafics

Working Principle: COSTA™ Technology

  • Continuous processing in a linear plate flow reactor
  • Oscillating flow regime
  • STAtic mixing elements located in process channel
inlays pulses flow photoreactor

Available Process Inlays

  • Stainless steel (316L)
  • Hastelloy (C276)
  • Titanium (grade 2)
  • Copper (E-Cu)
  • Silicon carbide
  • PTFE
  • PEEK
    Others upon request

From Lab to industrial production

The photoLAB HX 150 is a commercial scale oscillating flow-photoreactor with a volume of 150 ml, designed for commercial production.
The light source is be adapted to the photon-flux required for efficient production based on the results of the Process Development phase and is designed specifically for the aimed chemistry upon request.

In addition, Peschl offers fully operational skids including ATEX certificate and all related accessories for having a mobile production plant which can be connected to a wide range of other flow-modules.


Scalable UV & VIS Photochemistry

  • Large transparent window (borosilicate or quartz)
  • Excellent film resfreshment for optimal irradiance
  • Single-technology scale-up strategy up to multi-ton/year production

Demanding Conti-flow Processes

  • Hydrodynamics independent of net flow rate
  • Enabling long residence time reactions (via one-pass operation with no need for recirculation)
  • Performant for multi-phase reactions (e.g. slurries)
  • Multi-purpose Solution for cGMP manufacturing
  • Reactor is compliant with PED 2014/68/EU
  • ATEX certification available upon request

Assembled Unit Modularity

  • Maximum reactor flexibility via interchangeable process inlays
  • Available in different reactor material, internal volume, shape & size of static mixing elements, etc.
  • “open-shell” system allows straightforward cleaning and swap sampling (during cleaning validation cycles)

Typical applications
of a flow photoreactor

Small molecule synthesis

Photo polymerisation


New Version in progress


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