Scalable Flow-Photoreactors

High power flat LED module

Flat-bed LED for flow reactors

The new flow photoreactors, paired with high-power LED modules, enables seamless scaling from feasibility to commercial production, handling several metric tons annually.
Its design facilitates single-technology scale-up with low pressure drop, enabling high-throughput operations. Enhanced turbulence, mass, and heat transfer, allowing prolonged irradiation without recirculation.

Pilot sizes of these reactors are not required, as seamless scaling from laboratory to large-scale production is possible. For pilot installations, however, ATEX or NEC 500 certified lamp systems are used, which are available with outputs of up to 1.6 kW per reactor. Complete skids are offered for this purpose, which have been developed as turnkey multi-purpose “enabeling-technology” skids.

In industrial production, the reactors are connected in cascades and production capacities are achieved by numbering up. This enables seamless process development from laboratory to industrial scale without scaling risks.

Technical Specifications

Irradiation wavelengths

365 / 385 / 395 / 405 / 420 / 460 / 525/ 592 / 625nm

Power Input     

Up to 1.6 kW

Light Source Certifications  




Peschl Flat-Bed Photoreactors are applied in industrial-scale production processes including, but not limited to:

  • API and intermediate synthesis (e.g. Iribotecan by Cis-Trans Isomerization and Artemisinin by Singlet Oxygen Reaction)
  • Mercaptan synthesis (e.g. Cyclohexylthiol via H2S addition)
  • Fragerances (e.g. Rose Oxyde via Singlet Oxygen Reaction)

Combinable photoreactors

Plate Flow Photoreactor

The Halen XFR 200 is the latest generation of a flow photoreactor. Designed, manufactured and sourced from our respected flow technology partner in Asia, this low profile flow reactor features a split and recombinant serpentine microchannel. Thanks to its plate-like design, it can accommodate a wide range of reactor volumes, making it ideal for process development up to production scale. The proprietary space-filling design ensures maximum surface area efficiency and optimizes the surface-to-volume ratio with minimal space requirements.
The flat flow reactor can be operated in both stationary and oscillating mode. The latter ensures excellent mixing regardless of the required residence time and is therefore ideal for reactions with precipitation or slurry phases. Easy disassembly of the reactor for cleaning validation ensures that GMP guidelines are met. The Halen XFR 200 flow reactor is a proven solution that represents a significant advance in scalability, efficiency and sustainability for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

Get informed about other products of Halen Technologies – our partner in flow photochemistry!

Halen Technologies
plate flow reactor


  • Versatile and Robust
  • Available in versatile materials and engineered to handle challenging flow processes, incl. slurry reactions and emulsions
  • Broad Volume Range
  • From approx. 12 up to 200 mL
  • Long Residence Time Reactions
  • Mixing independent of net flow rate
  • Proprietary LED technology
  • Experience the power of commercial flow photochemistry
  • Fully Compliant
  • Meets GMP, ATEX, and NEC500 standards

Technical Specifications of HALEN XFR 200

Reactor Volume

12 – 200 mL

Flow Range

0.01 – 60 L/h

Pressure Rating

10 barg

Temperature Range

-20 to 200 °C

Heat Exchanger

Build-in Heat Transfer Fluid System

Available Material

SS 316L, Hastelloy C276, Tantalized

Window Material

Borosilicate, Quartz

Gasket Compliance



  • (Metalla)photoredox Cross-couplings
  • Fluoroalkylations
  • Halogenations
  • C-H Functionalizations
  • Cycloadditions



Interested in finding out more about the LED module and the design of the flow-through photoreactor?

photoFLOW photoreactor

Commercial scale photoFLOW photoreactor and scale down to lab size

Batch reactors often reach their limits due to lack of precise reaction control, limited volumes and inaccurate temperature control.
The photoFLOW reactor operates continuously and features a carrier design with FEP or glass tubes mounted around a support system and immersed in a temperature bath. A high power LED light source or a medium pressure light source can be placed in the center of the tube support. This ensures that most of the photons in the process are used efficiently without having large reflection losses. This design enables simple yet precise control of photochemical reactions in the flow.
Continuous flow operation facilitates reaction progress tracking and optimization of existing processes, making the system ideal for pharmaceutical applications. The precise process control helps, for example, to minimize unwanted by-products due to over-irradiation.
The photoFLOW reactor offers several important advantages. It can be operated with small volumes even in the early stages of development. In addition, controlled thermal conditions ensure that the reaction temperature is precisely maintained throughout the process. This control also extends to the flow rate, which enables the reaction to run smoothly and reliably.


  • Scalable tube photoreactor
  • Thermoliquid for temperature control
  • Adjustable high power LED
  • Easy scale-up for commercial production

Static mixers force the process stream into split and recombined flow patterns, while a superimposed pulse can increase turbulence and significantly improve mass and heat transfer. This pulsating flow pattern technology regulates hydrodynamics independently of the net flow rate, enabling effective mixing at all flow rates.

photoFLOW photoreactor

The system also enables targeted control of conversion rates and detailed analysis of reaction kinetics, which facilitates the monitoring and optimization of reactions. The design of the reactor also ensures an even distribution of residence time, which is crucial for many photochemical processes.
Another significant advantage is the intensive mass transfer within the tubes, which increases the efficiency of the reactions. The photoreactor can be operated under laminar, turbulent and hydrodynamic conditions with plug flow. The materials used in the reactor are chemically neutral and resistant, which ensures a long service life and reliability in various chemical environments. In addition, the photoFLOW reactor with its different tube diameters and the possibility of adapting the length of the reaction zone to the specific requirements of the process offers a wide range of applications.

Easy scalable tube photoreactor

It is a ground-breaking system that can be easily scaled up to a commercial level for the first time, which was previously not possible with tubular reactors. Using this innovative technology, all the necessary laboratory parameters can be investigated to enable successful upscaling. Researchers can use this laboratory system to precisely determine and optimize conditions for large-scale production, bridging the gap between small-scale experimentation and commercial application.

Pilot size of photoFlow photoreactor

photoFLOW photoreactor in pilot size

commercial size of photoFLOW photoreactor

photoFLow photoreactor in commercial size

Typical applications

Active pharmaceutical intermediates (API), e.g. synthesis of Artemisinin (antimalarial drug), singlet oxygen reaction

API and intermediate synthesis (e.g. Iribotecan by Cis-Trans Isomerization and Artemisinin by Singlet Oxygen Reaction)

API carriers and particle modifications

API synthesis

Production of Vitamins

Brominated intermediates for synthesis



Chlorinated intermediates for synthesis

Fluorinations, Sulfoxidations, Nitrosylations


Plant treatment intermediate

Polymer functionalization

Preparative photochemistry in general implying strongly absorbing substrates and/or radical imtermediates

Safety agents



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